Q) How do I know what tape to use?

A) This depends on the injury or condition and what area you are trying to support.

Rigid Strapping Tape – To restrict joint movement and protect joints, injured joints or for added joint support, we recommend you use our Rigid Strapping Tape. If you are strapping a shoulder, a knee ankle, wrist or finger we recommend you use the 38mm wide Rigid Strapping Tape.

Light Hand Tear Elastic Adhesive Bandage (EAB)– Is a elastic bandage designed for compression wrapping when time is of the essence (eg; when a player is injured on the field),  Hand Tearable Tape can be quickly and easily applied to compress and support the injured area and is easily torn by hand eliminating the need for scissors on the playing field. Commonly used as an over-wrap over rigid tape and used extensively by Rugby Union players as a head/ear wrap for scrums and around thighs for line-outs.

Kinesiology Tape – Is a relatively new sports medicine solution for treating an array of sports injuries including, planter fasciitis, shin splints, joint soreness and muscle soreness. Kinesio tape manipulates the skin and muscles and has been proven to promote and improve blood circulation to muscle and joint tissue, improve lymphatic drainage, facia function, provide pain relief whilst also providing additional stability and support.  Kinesio tape also aids in a faster recovery for the athlete but doenot provide the support that a Rigid tape supplies.

Heavy Elastic Adhesive Bandage (EAB) – To compress and support joints and muscles where greater flexibility, yet maximum support is required. 75mm is the most common width and can also be used over Rigid Strapping Tape as a strong compression bandage for even greater stability and support. Great for knees, shoulders, ribs, wrists. Scissor cut cotton material with a very strong level of support.


Q) How can I pay?

A) We accept all major credit cards through our online payment portal, Paypal, direct bank credit and cash on pickup.