How Do I Know Which Strapping Tape to Use?

There are a variety of strapping tapes on the market. But which one should I use?


Rigid Strapping Tape – To restrict joint movement and protect joints, injured joints or for added joint support, we recommend you use our Rigid Strapping Tape. If you are strapping a shoulder, elbow, knee or ankle, we recommend you use the 38mm wide or 50mm wide Rigid Strapping Tapes. If you are strapping a finger or wrist we recommend you use the 12.5mm or 25mm widths. Ultimately, there’s no rule when it comes to tape width, it depends on the athlete’s size and what feels most comfortable. All our rigid strapping tapes have an agressive zinc oxide adhesive, that perform well under sweat conditions.


Light Hand Tearable Stretch Tape – Is a elastic bandage designed for compression wrapping when time is of the essence (eg; when a player is injured on the field). Light Hand Tearable Tape can be quickly and easily applied to compress and support the injured area and is easily torn by hand eliminating the need for scissors on the playing field. It is Ideal for minimising swelling and the overwrapping of Rigid Strapping Tape to finish off taping & is particularly good for fingers, knees, elbows & ankles. 3 sizes available 25 / 50 / 75mm


Elastic Adhesive Bandage (EAB) – To compress and support joints and muscles where greater flexibility is still required, we recommend EAB. In regard to widths, the same basic rules apply as with the Rigid Strapping Tape. 25mm for thumbs & wrists,50 & 75mm widths for knees, elbows & ankles. EAB can be used over the Rigid Strapping Tape as a strong compression bandage for even greater stability and support. There are two varieties available - A newer synthetic Nylon german KOB fabric which we call Stretch Band Plus or a Heavy Cotton EAB with less stretch, that is also commonly used as a Vet Wrap on horses.


Hypoallergenic Tape – Commonly known as Fix Tape or Fixomull - it is ideal for use under other strapping tapes for athletes with sensitive skin, skin irritations, allergies, cuts or abrasions. 2 sizes available, 50 & 100mm


K Tape (or Kinesiology Tape) – Is used for treating an array of sports injuries. KTape has a comprehensive array of therapeutic benefits. Because kinesiology tape can usually be left on for several days or up to a week, these therapeutic benefits are available to the injured area 24 hours a day, significantly accelerating the healing process from trauma, injuries and inflammatory conditions. Kinesio tape manipulates the skin and muscles and has been proven to promote and improve blood circulation to muscle and joint tissue, improve lymphatic drainage, facia function, provide pain relief whilst also providing additional stability and support.  KTape is not used to lock down joints, with a minimal level of support provide, which may improve proprioception. 3 widths available 50/75/100mm 



Active Tape - is not KATPE! and is a new and exciting product for tapers as well as highly trained health professionals. It can be considered the “functional tape” assisting in unloading muscles and joints, reducing pain and enhancing performance and recovery. Active tapes have a low allergenic adhesive (no latex or zinc oxide), are smooth & comfortable to wear & are multi-directional (4 way stretch). Good quality Active tapes are comprised of a blend of nylon and cotton cloth giving it a slinky light and athletic feel which is durable and contours well to all body shapes and sizes. It is safe to use on all ages from children through to adults as well as during pregnancy. Unlike traditional kinesiology stretch tapes, Active tapes are unique in that they are highly elastic and stretch in both directions (multi-directional) meaning it can adhere closely around joints and body parts for maximum full dynamic support & unloading. As muscles do not function in one plane of movement and usually are across multiple joints, the tape can closely mimic muscle function and joint movement, therefore assisting movement through multiple planes. Active tapes, do not have a rigid endpoint which allows for full joint, muscle and body movement (ie. Allows support but does not restrict movement). 3 sizes available 50/75/100mm

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By: on 4 September 2021
I found it helpful when you said that an elastic adhesive bandage is recommended to compress support joints and muscles where flexibility is required. This is something that I will share with my sister because she is looking for strap tape supplies that she could use in her workouts. She mentioned that she has been interested in a zero-waste body tape, so I will share your tips.

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